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To their credit, they were pretty strict about what was put on the laptops. This allowed these laptops to last such a long time.

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From my experience, Macs don't last any longer. Life expectency is subjective. Mac users complain less about their machines than Windows users, so generally they "last" longer. OSX also runs better in older hardware because it is more closed developed to it. Windows 10 though is pretty efficient in itself.

Pretty old right? My wife also uses regularly a MacBook Air. She loves how small it is, she also hates how small it is. She uses it a lot like a tablet but will switch to the desktop for stuff that takes longer. The Mac is a 4,1 with core i5 1. It should be core im Performance wise both CPU are similar the second gen is more power efficient, but the has 1Ghz more on clock. Both machines are up to date. Windows feels a little slower, you can tell it is an old machine mainly because I am used to quad cores, but it is not bad. However, most people that see both side by side will gravitate towards the Mac.

I know a Mac user that has a MacBook pro with dual core duo and that thing I find it slow, but he still uses it. So, it is a matter of perspective. If users like it, they take care of it better.

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People know that Macs are expensive. On the other spectrum I had a user that destroyed a Lenovo foldable laptop Yoga S1 that has magnesium case. Also, let's be clear, Macs aren't more expensive than Windows laptop. You just don't have cheap options. The hardware on Macs are top notch, and the engineering inside is top notch as well.

All new Mac laptops cannot be upgraded neither drive or RAM but a lot of ultrabook aren't either. The other part that makes Mac expensive is their cycle.

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Another part to consider is how to manage them in the network. Our Mac users had to have printers directly connected because it is painful to use a Windows print server when there is a password change, it does not update the keychain for the printer connection , and it had some issues here and there with some shared folders as well not even Linux had those issues. Centrally deploying updates took more work as well, mainly because our AV could update automatically most applications on Windows and we had Ninite Pro as well.

But you could have a better system in osx if you invest enough time.

In short. Mac can be more expensive, because of lack of cheaper options. They also have more challenges to maintain in a network if it is Windows centric. However users will take care of the equipment better because they know it is expensive, and Macs lose value slower where you could recover some cost if you upgrade and resell even resell to employees. A gotcha to consider is that all Macs and many new light laptops cannot be upgraded on RAM and hard drive. In the end, it will be a matter of more personal choice. Certainly, Macs have the reputation amongst their fans for good life and ease of use.

However, in my experience there is not so much difference in build quality between makes to justify huge price differences. For instance battery technology and manufacture is improving all the time but for Macs and Dell purchased at about the same time I suspect they will have very similar quality batteries and will have similar lives.

And again the processors, their motherboards, their SSD, etc, they used will be similar.

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On some machines they feel more solid which gives you confidence. I wrote back then that even this was enough to tempt me back to Windows, and it was a game changer:. After waiting eagerly for the MacBook Pro refresh, then being utterly disappointed by what Apple actually shipped — a high-end priced laptop with poor performance — I started wondering if I could go back to Windows.

Then, in October , Microsoft unveiled the next version of Windows: Creators Update out of nowhere. It brings dedicated gaming features, full OS-level VR support, color customization, a people bar for quick chat and a lot more in a free update. So, in February , I found myself building a computer from scratch.

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I sold my 15" MacBook Pro I now use a 12" MacBook for on-the-go productivity , and invested in building a desktop workhorse that would fit my needs and last for a long time. On top of that? Over the coming weeks I plan to write about the great parts of Windows, how I got my development environment set up, the apps I use, and, of course, the bad parts.

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Owen is an independent technology journalist with a background in software development and helping people understand the industry. The analyst, who's been tracking Apple's device sales since the iPhone launched in , knows it has sold a total of 2. Subtracting active devices from cumulative sales leaves million Apple devices that have been retired.

He explains on a graph that you can tell today's average lifespan by looking at when cumulative sales equal the current total number of retired devices. And since Apple's cumulative sales reached million in the third quarter of , he estimates that the average lifespan between then and now is four years and three months. Since Apple has only ever provided active device numbers in and , the average lifespan is still an estimate.

It's not clear from the analysis how much the numbers are influenced by the lifespan of, say, Macs or iPads, which people typically don't replace as frequently as phones, but which Apple sells in far smaller quantities than the iPhone. Apples' says for its own environmental impact reports it assumes first owners of macOS and tvOS devices keep them four years, while iOS and watchOS devices last for three years.

Apple argues that most Apple products "last significantly longer" than that though, and are passed on, resold, or returned to Apple. Another interesting figure Dediu notes is that since January , Apple has sold million devices, which led to an increase in active devices of million during the period. His analysis over time shows that roughly two-thirds of Apple devices sold are still being actively used, giving analysts one way to figure out how much Apple will earn in the future.

Smartphone sales suffer first ever decline: Gartner. The fourth quarter of marks the first year-on-year decline in sales in the smartphone market. Apple reports Q1 mixed bag on slowing iPhone sales. The iPhone, iPad, and Mac maker released its latest, post-holiday season earnings.

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Apple iPhone X demand spurs worry, but may be misplaced ahead of Q1 results. The uncertainty around iPhone X demand is sparking a lot of consternation on Wall Street.

Understanding batteries in Mac notebooks

Rest in peace super cycle. Google: You're sticking with passwords that have already been hacked.